Here are some Essential Interior Design Tips for your Granny Flat

Granny Flat Interior

Granny flats have already garnered quite the attention for its affordability, versatility and cost effectiveness. Granny flats are compact spaces that can be used for several purposes. To make the most of your space, transform it beautifully. Additionally, it is found that one could remain optimistic and happy when their home interiors are designed to be great. If home design is your thing, here are some expert tips from granny flat builders in Sydney.

Living Room:

Your living area shall be extended to outdoors with glass doors. This makes your room seem larger and extends your line of sight to the outdoor space. Plus, you get to experience nature at its best, right from home.

Have you thought about Kitchen Island? That’s a great idea suggested by granny flat builders in Sydney, to increase the bench space in your kitchen. It not just serves as an additional storage space, but also is perfect to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner with your friends and family.

Bonus Tip: Standard coffee tables are passé, which is why it is ideal to make the switch to side tables. Coffee tables are generally large in size and can take up so much space in your room.

Bathroom & Laundry:

If you wish to gain more space in your home, Sydney granny flat builders reveal that combining bathroom and laundry is a great idea. Getting the required space in the bathroom also depends on how you use the bath. If you don’t prefer using the bath tub much or spending enough time maintaining it, a shower-only bath will suit you best and save you more space. Plus, install cupboards for storage.

Lighting, Color and Texture:

While choosing colors, opt for light shades. To make your space feel light, bright and more open, white paints are suggested.

How about a mirror wall? Mirrors reflect light and make the space seem even bigger and brighter. Moreover, light fittings are a good addition for your granny flat design. LED lights are a great choice to save costs and for a brighter interior.

Smaller living space is easy to revamp from a designer’s point of view. Work with an experienced interior designer who can make your compact granny flats into a sparkling and fun-filled space to live in. Granny flat builders in Sydney recommend embracing such designs that maximize space in your room.

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