Feng Shui Living Room Tips

What Is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is definitely an ancient art practiced in excess of 3,000 years in China. The meaning of Feng means wind and Shui means water. Chinese considered that the people are influenced by the surroundings for better or worse. To eliminate negative components from the environment,

Chinese arrange their surroundings this way so that this positive energy flow will produce peace and harmony. Thus, into your market is attained inside the positive and negative energy of the environment to promote health, harmony and fortune for the folks dwelling it. Feng Shui comes with a variety of guidelines to improve your daily life.

Theories Of Feng Shui

* Qi (Chi) Chi is the term used for your universal energy. It is described the energy that surrounds us. The Feng Shui deals with the force present inside body along with energy outside and inside house. The main motive of feng shui would be to channel the energy within the positive manner at your residence so that it maintains good flow of chi energy inside our body. Chi could be of two kinds. Sheng Chi is vibrant, fresh, alive chi which should be present around us for chance and Sha Chi Or Shi Chi are sharp, low, depressing and attacking energies which should be avoided.

* Ying and Yang Theory The Ying and Yang are opposite poles that ought to be in balance. Yin and Yang are based on the theory how the opposites cannot live without the opposite. They are like two sides with the coin. They represent duality and these two parts are together called as one whole part, Taiji. There should be balance between Yin and Yang. They symbolize cycle of constant change. For instance, dark to light, low to high, aggressive to passive, feminine to masculine. Yin and Yang exist in specific amount in the five portions of Feng Shui- water, metal, soil, wood, fire.

* Bagua Also known as Pakua, it represents the cyclic energies of the universe. Bagua or Eight house, consists of an octagon with Taiji in center. Each eight side of the Bagua is known as the gua and represent one side with the five elements. Bagua divide a room into 9 sections that mirror the gua distribution. Feng Shui Bagua helps in recognizing the ‘Power spots ‘. They are the important tool of Feng Shui. Power spots are unique to each person, home and family. The power spots are based on the surrounding environment along with the items that are going on with your life.

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