Five Tips to Make Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

If you are tired of your small kitchen and want a way out of cumbersome mornings and clumsy baking sessions, a kitchen renovation company can help you out. As you discuss the functionality, patterns, colors and style of your kitchen renovation project, glance through the following tips:

1) Make careful color choices

Contrasting shades do not go well with small cooking spaces. Also, dark shades can make the room feel small and restrictive. It is better to choose a light shade (since they reflect light) for your walls (preferably white) and keep everything else in other shades with minute variations. For instance, while choosing the cabinets and the appliances of the kitchen ensure they belong to shades that blend well with the colors of the wall. Experts recommend a satin finish for the room as it helps to reflect light.

2) Add more variety with geometric patterns

If plain walls and floor seem too boring, then stripes or geometric patterns for the walls as well as floors may be a good idea. However, one must ensure that the chosen pattern draws the eye lengthwise and thus ultimately create an illusion of a longer or taller kitchen. Kitchen renovations that involve the use of tiles can opt for grey or off-white glass tiles to reflect more light.

3) Pay attention to the lights and other décor items too

If you can accommodate a window that brings in sufficient sunlight throughout the day, then the kitchen automatically begins to look brighter and bigger. However, kitchens without windows or with windows in the wrong direction must be flooded with light. Beaming lights make kitchens painted in any color look bigger. Choose sleek light models like glass pendant lights for open sight lines. If you wish to add one or more décor items to the kitchen, keep glass or lustrous metals as your first option. The transparency of glass cuts the clutter and metals are good to reflect light.

4) Consider glass doors for your cabinets

If you are comfortable with open shelves for your kitchen then go for it. Open shelves (especially the floating ones) lower the visual weight of the kitchen and create an illusion of unrestrained space. If you are comfortable with closed cabinets then replace their hard doors with transparent glass doors. The glass front of the cabinet allows the eye to travel across the shelves and pushes the user to be more organised with the stored items.

5) Keep the furniture sleek and streamlined

Small islands, backless stools and slim chairs create open sight lines for the user and make the room look expansive. While planning the kitchen furniture with your Campbelltown kitchen renovations team, remember not to eat up too much of the floor space.

The author of this article is an editor in a reputed magazine. He is also an award winning interior decorator and stylist at Campbelltown. He provides ideas for chic and glamorous rooms that could bring a wow to your home.