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Squirrels are among the most stubborn kind of pest one can experience in the home. Pest squirrels are broadly placed under three main types, that is, flying, ground, and tree squirrels. There are species that can be categorized under all the three classification and they are the worst. They can cause damage to lawns and homes too. Examples of squirrels that people commonly encounter include red squirrels, eastern gray squirrels, and fox squirrels.

Pest squirrels have sharp teeth and strong claws for causing damage. They can grow really long, with adults measuring over 64 cm. The coat is colored in a single color or multiple colors like gray, black, red, and brown. The bodies have short and thick fur, but tails are very bushy. The sooner they are removed from the house, the minimum the damage they cause. For best squirrel removal North Houston needs to be prioritized.

The diet of squirrels includes herbaceous plants, flowers, seeds, fungi, and nuts among others. They can live anywhere in homes, but while in the wild, they prefer places with trees. They build nests from branches, roots, and leaves. When they invade homes, they prefer attics and openings large enough to accommodate them. Homes are suitable because they protect the animals from weather.

The lack of aggressiveness of squirrels allows them to coexist peacefully with humans. The problem lies in their destructive nature. When they live in the compound, they dip lawns to find buried nuts and seeds. They chew shrubs and trees for food and fun. Any pet food left behind also serves as food to them and they do not hesitate. Perhaps the biggest threat they cause is that of chewing on electrical lines and walking on power line.

The use of traps is a very sure way of eliminating squirrels from homes. The market today is filled with several versions of traps and one can choose whichever they like. Traps may need to be installed for long or repeatedly for them to be effective. Mornings and evenings are the best times for trapping because the animals are most active at those hours.

The second method involves installation of a one-way door at the entrance they use to access their nests. One-way doors allow the squirrels to get out, and once they are out they cannot return in. This forces them to relocate and find somewhere else to make their home. This method has been described as the most humane.

Repellents have also proven to be effective. Squirrels are not killed by repellents, but they are pushed away by them. These substances are highly efficient although they may be a little expensive. One good example of an effective repellent is ammonia. The strong sense of smell of squirrels does not allow them to stay near string odors like the one produced by ammonia.

The last option is the use of loud sound and bright light. These animals do not like loud noise and bright light. Therefore, placing these two at the entrance will disturb them a lot that they will have to relocate.

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