Frequently asked questions about Glass Scratch removal

Glass scratches are caused due to a number of reasons like course-grained cleaners, unwashed window wipes, graffiti, dogs etc. Most people falsely assume that it is impossible to remove scratches from glass. However a professional service specialized in glass scratch removal at can bring back your scratched glass to its original profile in no time. Here are some frequently asked questions on Glass scratch repairs.

Does glass scratch repair contribute to distortions?

A high quality glass scratch repair would restore your glass without causing any distortions, swirls or haze. It is your duty to make sure that the company you are hiring has the required experience and material to handle the job.

Sometimes when the glass surface is severely damaged, there might be a risk of distortion. In that case, they would more likely inform you before beginning their repair and you need to decide whether or not to continue the process.

Would glass restoration weaken the glass?

On contrary, glass scratch repair usually toughen up the damaged spots.

How to determine the credibility of a glass scratch removal company?

A reliable company would have various before and after photos and videos of their service under different circumstances as a proof of their work. Also, they would be willing to provide demo. Ask them to repair a certain portion of the scratched glass and observe their work in a variety of angles and lighting to ensure the quality.

Should the glass be removed for the repair?

Glass scratch removal company would have highly trained professionals who can perform their service onsite without the need for removing the glasses.

Is glass scratch removal costly?

It costs considerably lesser than having your glass replaced. However, the actual cost depends on the size of the job. You can always contact a company to get an estimate before proceeding.

How long is the process?

Though the process may vary according to the amount of work to be done, on average it takes about 2 hours.

Does glass repair void warranty?

Note that, the glass manufacturer’s warranty only covers defects and it does not cover any scratch or damage to the glass. And glass scratch removal doesn’t necessarily void the warranty unless the glass is damaged during the process.

Therefore, do not hesitate to call a professional to get the scratches out of glass.

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