Granny Flat Checklist: 5 Must-Have Features!


What is a granny flat? Granny Flats are defined as a “Secondary Dwelling or Home Extension”. That means: Granny Flats are secondary to the main property on a single block. The granny flat must be self-contained and it should have a separate entrance, as well as separate bedroom, bathroom, laundry and living area.

To build a granny flat in Sydney, there are few rules and regulations to follow across most local councils:

• Granny flats can be built only on residential zone property
• Each residential property should be limited to one granny flat
• The owner of the primary house must also be the owner of the secondary dwelling or granny flat
• Granny flat cannot be built on unoccupied land or the community intended for commercial purposes
• Granny flats must have unobstructed and separate pedestrian access

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Granny Flat Checklist: Must-Have Features

Usually, granny flats are built for baby boomers who like to spend their golden age independently, comfortably and happily. Whether you’re going to build a granny flat from scratch or thinking to renovate your existing granny flat, there are certain features you need to consider that makes living comfortable, convenient and safer for aging or impaired parents.

Layout: Determine the layout which provides maximum flexibility for aged people. Make sure to allow enough space to move a cane, walker or wheelchair.

Doors: Look for wide doors that open fully. And also make sure to choose lever or loop handles rather than knobs which can be difficult for the aged people to turn.

Flooring: You need to be more conscious while selecting flooring for your granny flat. Make sure to choose slip resistant flooring materials such as cork, rubber, cushioned vinyl and so on. Look for low nap carpeting as it reduces potential falls and works best for people with walkers and wheelchairs.

Lighting: Spend little more time in choosing the right lighting for the granny flat. Make sure to choose the lighting that works the best for aging eyes. Install sufficient general lighting, and consider installing light as low on the wall to illuminate the floor. And also do proper wiring to avoid/prevent potential tripping hazards.

Bathroom: Install an accessible bathtub and threshold shower. Consider the sink height to meet your specific needs and choose faucets with handles rather than knobs. Allow plenty of space and choose the height of sanitary ware that makes easier, cozier and safer.

Wrapping Up,

Incorporating these features will help make any granny flat more liveable and functional on a day-to-day basis. So what are you waiting for? Contact the best granny flat builders in Sydney! They will create an excellent source of extra income while as adding value and more space to your home.

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