Healthy And Energetic Pomeranians For Sale

This breed is well know and identifiable to many. Pomeranians are considered toy dogs and often weigh around five pounds, give or take a pound. They may appear larger due to their thick wildly fully coats. Give the doggy a bath and you will see the puppy’s real size. There are some dedicated breeders and Pomeranians for sale in Oklahoma City, OK. They make lovable pets and owners often have two or three of the dogs. Since they are so small there is usually plenty of room at home for a family of Pomeranians.

Every breed has its own special set of characteristics and this breed in no different. There is a myth that the dogs bark excessively and some people call the dogs yappers. While it is true they bark and the bark is high pitched, the dogs are easily quieted with a little human attention. They have been bred to be indoor lap dogs. Poms, as they are sometimes called, have no hunting instinct and must be cared for by a human.

Only real dog lovers should consider adopting this breed. Their double coat requires daily brushing or it will easily mat. They also should be professionally groomed on a regular basis. These dogs are not self reliant, and a good owner is committed to giving the pet all the needed attention and care. The breed has a relatively long life span of twelve to sixteen years. The German Spritz dogs are the Pomeranian ancestors, but the Poms, as they are called, have been selectively bred to become a small, indoor lap dogs.

Poms come in various colors ranging from white to black with a lot of in-between shades. Some of the puppies have a solid colored coat and others are mostly white, reddish or black with random splashes of other contrasting colors. The dogs are very cute and lovable. The breeders tend to be very caring and affectionate with the puppies. The best breeders will not keep the pups in cages.

An Oklahoma City breeder likes to breed the puppies to be a little larger than usual. This breeder think it makes for a stronger pet. They specialize in Poms that are called parti or exotic. The parti puppies have lightly colored coats wtih some dark areas over the body for a sort of calico effect.

The exotic Poms have coats with colors rarer than white, black or brown. Some exotic colors are blue, a sort of gray blue, deep chocolate and sable. Another type of Pom is called the merle. Merle Pomeranians have a base color of red, black or brown with some lighter colors appearing randomly over the body giving the dogs a mottled look.

Some toy breeds have a lot of health issues. Despite their small size the dogs are a relatively sturdy breed. The Poms are friendly to almost all humans, but may become aggressive with other dogs. It can be comical to see a five pound Pomeranian barking in the face of a larger dog.

Breeders care for their puppies so much that they prefer to meet the new owners in person. Shipping a dog is not a pleasant experience for the animal and should be avoided. Make it a special family trip to get the newest addition to the family. This puppy will be in your life for years to come.

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