Hot Water Heater Replacement Tips

A hot water heater is responsible for producing enough hot water for entire household. That is why it is an essential appliance since warm water is used for taking showers, washing dishes and clothes. However, most homeowners neglect to maintain their unit since it is installed in a room where nobody really enters in. At this point, expect your heating system to shut down in a few weeks’ time. It is best to buy a replacement water heater if you want to avoid costly repairs in the long run. You can always ask help from a specialist to help you select a suitable heater for you and your family.

You can save more time and money by buying a water heater replacement with the same heating source as to you old heating system. You won’t have problems dealing with the unit since you already have an idea how it operates. If you want to buy a unit with a different heating source, know the implications and how much it costs to operate the heater in a year.

Inspect the new water heater thoroughly to avoid encountering issues in the long run. Always make sure the pipe fittings match the unit’s opening. Making new connections are easy but these may affect the pipes that handle the correction. Attach a pipe or union connector to install the water source tube properly.

Remember to shut down the heating source of your unit before performing any repairs. Remove rust and dirt and wipe puddles of water around your water heater to avoid accidents. You can use a Teflon tape to wrap around threading if you want to stop water from leaking. Different fittings are used for both electric and gas water heaters.

To meet your hot-water demands, consider the size and heating efficiency of the new unit. It helps buying a larger tank if the members of your family use warm water often. If you live within an area where natural gas is cheaper than electricity, it’s better to buy a gas-fired unit than an electric-powered heater.

To help cut back on your energy bill, choose a water heater that has a higher Energy Factor rating. This label gives you information how much it consumes energy and the costs it incurs in a year. Nowadays, there are a lot of energy-efficient water heaters that are out in the market. A unit with a longer warranty is usually more durable than a unit with a shorter warranty.

For proper water heater installation, call for a specialist as soon as possible. Attempting to install it on your own can put you and your family’s life at risk since water heaters have the tendency to overheat or worse, blow up. Letting a professional replace the unit avoids voiding the warranty and violating the city codes at the same time. Always take safety into account, especially when it comes to water heaters.

Some may find it expensive to buy a replacement water heater than carrying out frequent repairs. However, this should not be the case since buying a new energy-efficient unit can eventually help you cut back on your energy bill. It’s better to buy a replacement unit right before it breaks down to avoid having unexpected cold showers in the morning. Detect early signs of leaks to prevent mold and mildew development, leading to stained floors and walls. For reliable water heater services, call a specialist immediately.

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