How To Buy A Central Vacuum System?

When you are planning to buy a central vacuum system, it is better to keep yourself informed about as much details as possible about such a system. This will help in arriving at an informed decision. Here are some details that will help you before you get in touch with a central vacuum dealer:

Types: The central vacuum systems are generally classified under four main types and they are:

Bag – This type will be suitable for homes, wherein outside venting is not possible. But, the problem with this type is that bags should be changed two times a year.

Bagless with inverted filter – Under this type, the dirt is funneled in around the filter, in such a way that dust will not stick to the filter. Under this type the inverted filter should be emptied once in 3-6 months.

Filtered cyclonic – Here, small particles will be filtered out and this type should be emptied once in two months.

All Cyclonic – Under this type, the dirt will be tossed out in such a way that the dirt will be sent to the bottom part of the canister. However, in this type smaller particles will be vented out and depending upon usage, this should be emptied once in three months.

Benefits: When you go for a central vacuum system, you can get the following benefits:

When you keep your home free from dust, you can experience an increase in the value of your property. Of course, this will help only when you think about a reasale.

You need not worry about vacuuming up the power cord

The best central vacuum system will have different hoses and attachments

You will experience a lesser noise as against normal cleaners

Better quality of air in your home

You can ensure deeper cleaning when you use the best central vacuum unit.

Lighter in weight as against normal vacuuming units

What are the features to consider?

If you have decided on the central vacuum dealer, but wish to compare the different models like built in vacuum and other models, you can just consider the following points in the comparison process:

CFM – This is nothing, but Cubic Feet per minute and this will measure flow of air.

Inches or suction of water lift – This level will state how high water can be lifted up the tubing. This is a crucial measurement for suction.

In addition to these two factors, you should also consider other factors like air watts and canister material, which can either be steel or plastic when it comes to purchase of built in vacuum system.

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