How to Improve Curb Appeal

Any time guests drive up to your home, what do they notice? Your drive way forms their very first perception. If you’re trying to sell your home, or just would like it to look beautiful, you may want to revitalize your curb appeal. Below are a few guidelines:

Paint your doorstep and trim.

A whole new coat of paint in an eye-catching color freshens up the entrance of your house. Pick a deep earth-toned shade, or a jewel-toned color. The Chinese believe that a red door signifies best of luck.

Allow trim a whole new coat of fresh paint, too. Peeling paint around doorways and looks sloppy and exposes bare wood to the components. Fresh paint is a quick, economical way to enhance your curb appeal.

Plant flowering plants.

Plant radiant, colorful flowering plants in front beds to decorate your landscape. In case your front yard is one huge expanse of lawn, consider adding a few flower beds and some landscaping plants to provide visual interest.

For a quicker, simpler remedy, plant flowers in large pots and put them on your front deck, on each side of the entry way and on the sides of the garage area.

Rinse the house windows.

Dirty house windows are dull and uninviting-keep your home windows clean and dazzling. This is even easier to do now with cleaning solutions that affix to your garden hose-simply spray the house windows and let them air dry.

Clean up your driveway and front walk.

First, make sure that there are no small weeds growing in the crevices of your drive way and front walk. Brush up particles or loose pebbles. Eradicate any oil spills from the cement. If necessary, have the footpath pressure washed.

Pressure wash your home’s exterior and roof.

Your home’s stucco, siding or wood exterior demands regular cleaning, just like the inside of your house. Dirt, soot and mildew help your house look un-groomed. Pressure washing takes away the unattractive things and lets your own home glow.

Your roof can also become stained and filthy. If you’re selling your house, one of the initial things purchasers will be looking at is your roof. A newly cleaned out roof will inform possible buyers that you’re on top of maintenance issues; a messy, stained roof can make them wonder if the roof has to be replaced-an issue that may keep them from considering your property when they buy.

Remove mess and decayed flowers and plants or trees.

Your house will have the best curb appeal if you keep outside decoration items to a minimum. Two dozen garden gnomes, for example, could make your yard look cluttered, irrespective of how green the grass.

Store children’s playthings and bikes from the entrance, and keep hoses rolled away and properly stored.

Remove dead trees and shrubs; they deter in your landscaping above all else and make your own home look decayed.

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