Some Interesting Facts about Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are many centuries old and have successfully stood the test of time. Venetian blinds were at first made with wood. With time, faux wood and aluminum became the favorite choices. Aluminum Venetian blinds is particular was celebrated for its cost and compactness.

What are Aluminum Venetian Blinds exactly?

Venetian blinds are made from horizontal slats of aluminum and arranged on top of one another. The aluminum slats are suspended using cords which allow them to rotate together at almost 180 degrees. The aluminum slates can be rotated either upwards or downwards based on the amount of light needed. A wand or a tilt cord is used to operate the aluminum Venetian blinds. Also, the slats can be rotated to any degree of separation thus offering more control over the amount of light entering into the room.

Some interesting Aluminum Venetian blinds décor ideas

– Use the no-nonsense aluminum venetian blinds for a subtle look in your home office.

– Ivory-colored blinds could control the light without being an eyesore. The subtly bring out the beauty of the furniture in a room.

– Bathrooms with aluminum venetian blinds, shower enclosure and tiling floors in matching shades are a real treat.

What are the special features of the metal Aluminum?

Venetian blinds are can be made from timber or PVC or any other metal. However aluminum venetian blinds are a popular choice because this metal has some special features. Some of them are:

– While aluminum in its original form is soft and can be carved to different shapes and sizes, the metal takes a much stronger form when mixed with other metals. Aluminum alloys are extremely strong, durable and yet light in weight too.

– Aluminum is non-corrosive. The oxide film that naturally coats the metal protects the blinds for a much longer time.

– Aluminum reflects light and heat. They can arrest the heat within the room and also keep the external heat and light from penetrating into the home. Thus aluminum Venetian blinds can be good to your energy bills.

– Aluminum slats can flex under loads and can spring back from a shock quite well.

– Since the metal is light in weight, they are more affordable and the supplier charges less shipping costs when you order aluminium Venetian blinds online.

In a nutshell, aluminum Venetian blinds are easy-to-handle, light in weight, attractive, durable, highly functional (in terms of controlling light), sleek and can be easily used to add a dash of class and elegance to any type of room.

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