Learn More about Concrete Staining

If you are contemplating the renovation of your dull concrete patio, you might want to think again. You could decide to go with concrete staining instead. The transformation is sure to have you floored. Here are some basic aspects of concrete staining that you need to know about before deciding whether this will be a good option for you.

Stained concrete is done by application of solutions either by rolling, spraying or brushing. You can go in for acid staining concrete or non-acid stained concrete according to your choice. The former brings about a permanent change of color with typical bonding as a result of the chemical reaction that takes place between the concrete and the acid. The results are durable and can withstand all kinds of wear and tear without any repercussions. Acid stain concrete will present you with a gorgeous tone of color that will last for a long time and look stunning too.

The non-acid stain concrete on the other hand, offers you a wide range of colors to choose from although the bonding aspects of acid stain are absent here. If you are a person who is adventurous and love experimenting with innovative design ideas, then non-acid stain is apt for you to give wings to your creativity with its ample range of colors.

The good news is that whatever the choice, you can do it yourself if you take some time to learn how the process is done. The first step is to ensure that you give a thorough cleaning to your drab concreted floor with a powerful washer. You can do this with a good hose and brush too. The aim is to make sure that the surface is completely rid of all kind of grime and dust that will hamper the process of concrete staining.

The next step is application of stains. The DIY kit will invariably provide you with special devices that will help you to ensure that the stain is spread evenly without clots or streaks that usually occur if you use a mop or squeegee. Both acid stained concrete and non-acid stain are applied in the same way. The main difference lies in the chemical treatment that is done before the application so that the pores become open to allow the stain to completely penetrate the concrete. Make sure that you choose good quality branded stains if you want excellent results and durability.

So go ahead and try out stained concrete floor and enjoy the wonderful transformation of your patio in quick time. Read more, kansascityconcretesolutions.com/concrete-staining/