Let’s Talk! Get Ready to Communicate With Your Pets!


If you own a dog or a cat, you might be well aware that animals can communicate with you. They understand some of your basic commands such as: “Come here”, “Run”, “Sit”, “Roll”, “Jump”, “Catch” and the list goes on. Likewise, pets too can clearly communicate some basic language to you! Interesting yet shocking, right? This article is provided by the provider of pet communication workshops in Albuquerque.

When they’re thirsty or hungry, they will let you know. Thinking how? A scratch on the door or a scratch your legs with their paws might mean, “I need food or water.” At the same time, a couple of licks or wagging their tail means “I’m happy to see you”.

Each animal’s personality is unique and each follows their own way of communication. There are different types of animals which uses a range of sounds to express their feelings and use it to communicate with their companion.

Often you hear – Whales sings, birds chirp, frogs croak, cat meow, wolves howl, dogs bark, crow caws, parrots screech, peacocks scream etc. These sounds are the wide variety of communication going around you. On the flip side, voices aren’t the only way your pets communicate. Like human beings, they can also convey messages in all sorts of non-verbal ways. Here are some other interesting examples of non-verbal communication among animals:

– Dogs:

If your dog stretches it front legs out in front and lower their bodies when they want to play.

– Peacocks:

Peacocks spread their feathers in an impressive way intended to communicate a territorial caution.

– Dolphin:

A dolphin might bang its tail while swimming to get the attention of others in the surrounding.

– Bees:

Bees dancing when they return to the hive indicate – “Inform other bees when they found the nectar”

– Deer:

Deer flick their tails to advise other deer following them of possible dangers ahead.

– Gorillas:

Gorillas stick out their tongues to show their rage towards someone.

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