Living Room Decor And Wall Decor

Casual living room decor such as a simple, slip-covered chair and a playful, vintage poster, encourage visitors to relax. Short stools under the window offer extra seating for adults or little ones as they enjoy this relaxing moments.

Living room decor of casual pieces complements the formal architecture of a living room. Accented with soft blue pillows and accessories, the neutral palette of the living room has the timeless appeal of a sepia-toned photograph.

From the burlap curtains to the white linen slipcovers and from the hide stool to the rough-hewn mantel on the local stone fireplace, the mix of textures in a living room decor exudes warmth. Warmth is also brought by cheerful and energizing yellow living room decor. They enhance and maximize natural light as well as brighten a living space with few windows.

By using the full spectrum of colors, from yellow gold to mink, living room decor can soften the look of a living space with a blending of patterns and finishes. Comfort and serenity are offered by a perfectly balanced architecture and furniture. Balance can begin with a central focal point, such as a fireplace and continue by building around this focal point.

To finalize the look of the living space, an important role is played by living room wall decor. Large amounts of empty wall space can only make a living room seem bare. By placing traditional options such as paintings and shelves or artistic options such as fabrics and mirrors, the aesthetic appeal of a living room can be enhanced. Still the choice of the living room wall decor is a sole concern of the homeowner.

A wall painting is the simplest and the most obvious option for living room wall decor. The wall painting can be a creation of an artistic friend, a commission from an artist or a print of a previously created artwork. For something more personal, the kids’ artwork could be featured on the walls. Not only would the kids feel proud, but this option will will most likely add a bright splash of color in the living room.

Shelves are simple and inexpensive living room wall decor. They can play guard to knick-knacks, photographs, lamps and family vacation mementos. By filling the shelves with objects that will introduce the family to potential visitors, a warm and personal touch is added to the living room.

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