Living Room Tables And Coffee Tables

The last pieces of the living room puzzle are the living room tables. Their selection comes after all the living room seating has been chosen. The tables that fill the gap are the right tables to pick up. Even interior designers have a tough time picking up the right tables, given the enormity of the available options.

Tables with brass bases and glass tops, round wood tables with tapered legs and tables with drawers or without drawers are just a few of the available varieties of living room tables. It can be a challenge to find just one table of the right size. This challenge can leave a homeowner with two living room tables instead of one.

It is wise to consider the living room space in the selection of living room tables. The ideal distance from the edge of a sofa to the edge of a table should be both close enough to reach for a drink or put a magazine down and far enough to stretch out the legs. This ideal distance has been pegged at 18 inches. It is an error on the part of most people to either leave too much or too little room between the sofa and the table. As a general practice, the 18-inch rule is the guide for all kinds of furniture requiring an ability of reaching the table.

At least a space of 30 inches must be left from the outer edge of living room coffee tables to the TV stand or media cabinet. This way the main passageway of the living room would have been thought about. The shortest distance to go is 24 inches and that by the way is only applicable for narrow living rooms.

The height of living room coffee tables holds the key. Their surface should be about 1 to 2 inches lower than the sofa seat. While the height of standard tables stand at 16 to 18 inches, considering a taller table of about 20 to 21 inches can be an option should a higher couch is being used or entertaining is a major living room activity. This way, guests will find it easier to set dessert plates down or cut a piece of cheese.

The style of the sofa must strike a balance with the style of the living room coffee tables. While a slim and more streamlined couch matches a chunky table with a thick wood top and solid base, a plush, solid-colored couch will find its soul mate in a glass table on a leggy chrome frame.

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