Moving With Pets in Manhattan

Movers Manhattan knows how hard it can be to relocate home let alone trying to get it done when you have pets. So what we want to take a look at today is the ideal solution to make the move not only easy for you but also your pet which will take a huge stress off your shoulders and theirs.

When it does come time to relocate you are going to have movers walking in and out of your apartment or home and the doors will be left open most of the day, so if you do have a pet living in the home then the last thing you want is it escaping on to a busy street or the animal getting lost in the apartment building.

Movers Manhattan suggests you have a friend look after the animal while your move is going on as this will mean that they are in a safe environment and they don’t feel stressed. If you are stuck for having friends or family look after your pets then there is also another option. You can also put them in an “animal hotel” which is what they are called these days. Here they will be looked after until you are settled in and ready to pick them up again. It not only puts your mind at rest but it will also make life easier for the movers who don’t have to worry about stepping on the animals by accident or aggravating them.

Sometimes a move will also mean finding a new veterinarian. If you like your current one often they can recommend good practices in the area you are moving to. If they are not sure then good old yelp will be able to help you out. Movers Manhattan has always enjoyed working with home owners with pets because we are animal lovers ourselves and that is why we only want the best for you and your pet.

If you are deciding to do the move yourself and you are leaving Manhattan then you will maybe need to find hotels that are pet friendly. Many hotels and B&Bs now cater to housing animals for the night so just make sure to call the hotel before hand in advance to make sure they are pet friendly. There is also great websites such as that specialize in showing you which hotels cater to housing pets as well as you.

If you need any more information regarding moving with your animals then Movers Manhattan will be more than happy to help you out. Our local Manhattan movers have encountered moves involving every type of animal you can imagine so a just a quick phone call and we are there for you.

So next time you need a mover in Manhattan we will be here for you and your animal come rain or shine to get you to your new location safe and sound.

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