My Birthday Party

I had a birthday party a week ago and it was a great success. I had been planning it for two months and finally it was there. I invited over 30 guests so the house was full and I had a lot of food to prepare. At first I didn’t know how to organize the party and where to have it. Then I came to the conclusion that I should have it at my parents’ house because it has quite a lot of room and the most amazing lounge room where they just had a fireplace installed. My parents gave my idea the green light. In no time I had invited the guests, chosen the recipes and bought all kinds of decorations.

I decided to keep it simple with food and prepared mainly some snacks, such as a variety of canaps, salty ham pockets and home made truffles and cheesecake for dessert. Remember than when throwing a party, you should have food that is easy to eat and preferably doesn’t require the use of forks and knives. Of course if the party is a sit-down dinner, it is a whole another ball game then. The party went great and everyone loved my idea of grilling marshmallows by the fireplace. It really brought everyone together and everyone was laughing trying to figure out what form their marshmallow got and what it reminded of! I was lucky to have the fireplace there by the time of my birthday party because the fireplace was installed only three weeks earlier.

The fireplace which my parents got from Uunisepat got a lot of admiration, and no wonder since Uunisepat is the leading fireplace manufacturer in engineering and design. After the great experience of a party by the fireplace, I have started thinking about a fireplace of my own. It would be great to spend rainy days by a fireplace reading a book with a glass of nice red wine, or mulled wine in the wintertime. Overall, looking back at my birthday party, I was blessed to have my nearest and dearest there celebrating and grilling marshmallows by a Uunisepat fireplace.