Pool Fence Installation Tips – Things to Consider Before You Invest

Glass Pool Fence

Recent studies shown that drowning and pool accidents ranks second or third behind motor vehicle and fire as cause of unintentional injury deaths to children under the age of 15. Pool fencing is a passive environmental intervention designed to reduce unintended access to swimming pools and thus prevent drowning in the preschool age group.

To keep kids safe, you may want to invest in a pool fence. If you decide to invest in pool fence, here are some things to keep in mind.

The Style and Type of Fence:

When choosing a pool fence, it is important to consider the aesthetics nature of your pool. You should try to choose a pool fence to blend it with your current landscape design and home design. If your backyard is designed with a modern outlook, then sleek frameless glass pool fencing will be a perfect fit.

Consider the Climatic Condition:

You also need to consider the climatic condition of the area you live in. if you live in the area with particularly hot or too cold, you need to choose a pool fence that will stand up to those conditions without being damaged by their environment. If you live in a cyclone or stormy area, you will need to check the wind rating of the fence before choosing the one.

Safety Features of the Fence Gate:

Make sure the gate is designed so you can put a lock on it to which only you have the key. This way, your children won’t be able to access the pool without your knowledge and permission.

The Height of the Fence:

Any glass pool fence needs to be at least 120cm in height. It must to tall enough to prevent small children entering into it and also difficult for older children to climb. Don’t forget to keep common backyard items like chair, tables and ladder away from the pool fence so they can’t be used to climb over the glass pool fence.

Consider the Local Rules and Regulations:

In some places, there could be government rules and regulations with reference to the height, material used and distance of the fence from your pool etc. Make sure the company you hire for the job would have to take this into consideration when they are handling your glass pool fencing installation project.

These are necessities when you build a pool fence, so be sure to include them in your fence planning list. In conclusion, a pool is meant to be a place for relaxing and having some fun and it is important to keep its status as such by ensuring that it is a safe addition to your home and family. When you consider all these things, you will have an attractive child safe fence.

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