Puppy Potty Training Times

Potty training, housebreaking training, you can call it any name you want, at the end it’s all the same, you need to help your new puppy to control his bladder and to learn that going to the toilet is only outside or in the yard but never at home or in his crate.


Want to teach him the fastest way? Buy a crate! Dog crate is the most effective tool when you potty training your puppy. In addition for buying a crate or puppy pads, you should establishing a timeline for the puppy to know when he is going outside so he would “hold” until the time he is going out, with the right routine your puppy will never mess your house again.


First Thing Walk Right When You Wake Up!


Every day should begin and end the same way for your puppy, with a walk. The first thing you need to do when you turn off your alarm clock, is to get up, get your puppy out of the crate and go outside so e could do his business. Don’t wait until you drink your coffee or check your Email, it’s even better if you don’t go to the toilet, the first thing you need to do, at least as long as the puppy is still young is to take him outside. If you wake up easily you can put the puppy crate in side or near your bedroom that way you can hear the puppy whimper or a whine if he can’t hold it anymore and need to go out during the night. You puppy is little you may be able to get him out of the crate and carry him outside. That way he won’t stop on the way to the door and pee all over the place. If you start this routine in a young age the puppy will remember it and it will be much easier at the future and this routine will stay with your dog for a life time.


Next Walk Right After Meals


Another ritual will be to go for a walk right after breakfast. After you take the puppy out in the morning then he will be ready to eat is breakfast. It is important to keep the routine in the same time each day. This will help the puppy to learn when he goes for a walk and you will know when it’s time to take the puppy out, and you can plan your day by this times. After you feed the puppy wait 5 to 30 minutes and then take him outside. Remember, the younger the puppy the less time you need to wait until you take him out. The older the dog the easier is get to control their bladder and learn to hold it. Most puppies will need to go out and poop after they eat.  Also keep a close look on the hot days when the puppy drinks a lot of water, if the puppy drank a lot you should treat it like he just ate a full meal and take him out.


After Naps


Your puppy will need to go for potty not only in the morning and after meals, you should take him out after long naps.

When the puppy takes a nap, for him it’s just a mini night sleep, he need to do the same routine as in the morning. You should make sure that when your puppy is taking a nap in the crate or on the floor at night, you will be ready to take him outside the second he wake ups.


Remember potty training a puppy takes time, don’t rush it.