How to remodel your Bathroom to make it Safe for your Kids

Every parent would want their toddler to remain safe at home, which is why they take measures to make home safer and prevent injuries. Safety of your child in bathroom is something inevitable as the potential to get injured is very high. Your toddler might even get into the bathroom without you noticing it and that can be real dangerous. Here are some bathroom remodel ideas you could implement to make them safer for your child.

Install Childproof Drawers and Cabinets

Most of you might be under the impression that the containers with tight lids that are used to store cleaners are safe, but they’re not. The lids might not close properly at times and it is known to us all that the cleaners have poisonous ingredients in it as well. When you remodel your bathroom, install cabinets and drawers that lock automatically.

Safety Faucets

It is best to install specialized faucets that helps prevent burns from hot water. Such faucets facilitate easy control of water’s temperature, so that any accidental burns shall be avoided. Your child is also unaware of mixing hot and cold water correctly for preventing burns. This is why temperature-controlled faucets are crucial to have.

Grab Bars & Slip Resistant Tiles

Bathroom floor and fixtures get wet when they are used and they become slippery. Installing grab bars while renovating your bathroom can prevent anyone from falling. Grab bars also prevents you from falling when you carry your toddler. Also make your bathroom floor slip-resistant by either placing rugs that absorbs moisture or by installing slip-resistant tiles in your bathroom.

Other Safety Measures for your Bathroom

There are several other features that shall be added while remodeling your bathroom. Deal with your bathroom remodeling contractor to install the following devices for safety:

1. Towel bars that are securely fastened if needed.
2. Lock for Toilet seat lid
3. Slip-resistant bathtub surfaces
4. Point of use water heaters

Bathroom remodeling has to be done not just with the design aspects in mind, but safety too. Deal with a bathroom remodeling contractor today to make your bathroom child-safe!

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