Repair Tools To Always Have On Hand

It’s the weekend, and like most men, you are staring at a list of ‘honey do’s’ your wife has accumulated over the week. You might need to change the oil in the car or put together a few new bookcases. If you want to get these jobs done you need the tools.

Are you one of those who rely on their fathers for the tools you need? You can’t run to your parent’s house every time you need to use a tool. Keep the basic tools in your garage so he can be ready to repair Every man should have at least almost anything.

Must Have Tools

Claw Hammer- Whether you need to drive a few nails into some wood for that children’s bookshelf or you need to demolish something small, there is no better tool to use than a claw hammer. Anything can be accomplished with a 16 ounce hammer. Avoid using wood handles, as they break easy and instead choose a synthetic material that will last longer and allow you to pound in industrial fasteners for years.

Screwdriver with a Flathead- Unscrewing screws isn’t the only thing flathead screwdrivers can do. They can also be used for nudging, prying, and scraping.

Phillips Screwdriver for Projects- A Phillips screwdriver is something most projects will require because flathead industrial fasteners have been replaced for the most part.

Tape Measure- Tape measures can help you tackle building and measuring issues.

Buy a Crescent Wrench- Instead of carrying around 50 different sizes of wrenches, having one crescent wrench in your tool box will allow you to do almost anything. Here is the best led hand lamp to buy!

Buy Needle Nose Pliers- Computer needs fixing? Perhaps you are just taking on an electrical project that is large? When you need to bend, cut, strip, or grip wires you will need needle nose pliers.

Car Jack- Keep at least one car jack for changing a flat tire or other vehicle repairs.

Lug Wrench for Car Repair- You need a lug wrench when you change tires or use brake cleaner. You will be left without success if you have a car jack but no lug wrench because tire won’t come off.

Garages aren’t always well lit so when you need to work you will need a reliable light source. Without it, you could risk injury or having to redo something that should have been a simple, five minute fix. An LED hand lamp comes in handy.

Fixing with a Level- Say your kitchen table feels shaky. If you want your table steady you will need to shave a bit off the uneven legs to create an even area. A level is an important tool in this case.

Now is the time to be more self reliant when it comes to tools. You need the right tools to be prepared for any task. You will sure need a brake cleaner some day!

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