Rug Cleaning – Follow a few simple steps

Rugs are pretty delicate to handle and are often expensive; in spite of this, rugs are often regarded as beautiful home additions. In order to ensure the freshness of your rugs you may follow a few simple tips. Regarding rug cleaning, you must ensure that you don’t commit mistakes that are made commonly. Life of your rug may be reduced by a large extent if you can’t avoid causing such mistakes.

Let’s follow a few simple steps – 1) The back of rug has to be turned upside down and then vacuumed for once every month. This way you may preserve its freshness so that it looks its best for long. The back of a woolen rug can be treated with the help of a rotating brush vacuum or a beater bar; on the other hand, the front side should only be exposed to suction. Wool fibers that are small and fine are being sucked up by your rotating brush or beater bar thus weakening the woolen rug. Rotating brush vacuum or beater bars can be applied on both the front and hind parts of your rug if it is a synthetic area rug.

2) It is not good to vacuum the tassels or fringes. Once the vacuum is run on the fringes, the beater bar of the vacuum sucks them in. You don’t need to vacuum the fringes at all. All you can do is to use your hand and fluff them. Trying out other things might cause some damages to them.

3) Opt out of carpet sprays and shampoos. Wool area rugs don’t accept carpet shampoos that well; it is only the wall-to-wall synthetic carpets that adjust well with the carpet shampoos. Prior to applying any rug shampoos or spot cleaners go through the label. Try rinsing any shampoo or spotter that you’re using. The dirt will be drawn towards any soap residue present in the rug. Bleeding or running of colors can be avoided once you’ve applied a damp towel (made of cotton) on it for testing.

4) The sooner you can remove the stains or spills it is better for the life of your rug. Check out the kind of spill to scrape or blot the spillage. A towel which is dry and made with 100% cotton can be used for blotting; press it downwards from the exterior towards the center. Try this out a number of times till you’ve succeeded in absorbing much of the moisture from the rug.

Run the towel in straight lines while blotting the spot. You must be careful, since your rug can be damaged permanently when you try a circular movement. Milk spillages must be removed with utmost care using water and mild detergent; this prevents the remaining from getting soured. The blot and cotton towel should work with Dawn liquid dish soap and hydrogen peroxide (10%) in equal proportions if the spillage constitutes red wine.

A few Good Tips:  It is in your own interest that you should vacuum both the sides on a weekly basis. In the event you fail to do it regularly, you should try it at least for once every couple of weeks. Make sure that your rugs get rotated for once every year at least. The rug can now be worn more freely and evenly. Don’t fold or roll your rugs.

Specific areas within the rug may acquire wrinkles and may even be damaged permanently due to folding. During rug cleaning, you must follow the manufacturing instructions to extend the life and protect the quality of your rug.

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