Have a Small Bathroom? Here are 8 Design Tips to Make it Better

For those with a really compact bathroom, trying to fit in everything within the available space is definitely going to be puzzling. Repositioning the toilet, attempting to obtain enough clearance for the shower, finding a place to put your towels…these are going to be real hard for you. Find these 8 ideal tips offered by leading bathroom remodeling experts, to know how you can make your small bathroom better.

1. Place a Corner Sink: Use of a pedestal sink can be really uncomfortable for your small bathroom. Opt for a corner sink instead. Placing a corner sink will make your bathroom more spacious.

2. Float the Vanity: Floating the vanity not just makes your bathroom appear bigger, but it also frees up some space beneath it for you to place some small items, if needed. This really works to bring out the best of form and functionality.

3. Use a Shower Curtain: Shower curtains are space savers compared to glass doors. Use a shower screen that moves back and forth, instead of using a glass door that moves in and out. There are shower tub combos that can perfectly fit into small spaces.

4. Counter over the Toilet: Structuring and extending the counter over the toilet gives you some space to place additional items. This also looks simplistic and clean.

5. Round the Vanity: Compact spaces increase the hazards of sharp corners. Opt for a rounded style vanity for better safety. Round vanities do look great in small square spaces as well.

6. Use a Glass Panel: If your bathroom is about 5 feet wide, that would suffice to place both a toilet and a small tub. In such cases, using a glass panel would be ideal than placing a glass shower door. This also prevents water going out of the shower space.

7. Expand the Mirror: Expand and stretch your mirror across the wall, rather than simply a vanity. This lets two people to use the mirror simultaneously.

8. Install Towel Bar on the Door: When there’s minimal space, installing a towel bar on the shower door will be very helpful. You might want to place several towels in the closet, but having a towel bar to dry off your towel comes in handy.

Deal with an experienced bathroom remodeling expert to implement any of these above ideas, or consult with the professional for more ideas to make your small bathroom more comfortable.

The author is a certified bathroom remodeling professional in Denver with more than 6 years of experience. He is working in one of the leading bathroom remodeling services in Denver. For more details, visit http://vistaremodeling.com/