Step By Step Guide In Preparing For Chimney Cleaning

Now that the holiday season is approaching, cleaning our house has become more necessary. Not only do we want our place to appear great when relatives and friends pay us some visit. We want it to be at its best when we welcome this wonderful Christmas Eve and New Year.

Your fireplace is among the place that you should not take for granted when it comes to cleaning. For one, they are frequently used this cold season, and two, they house materials that are equally harmful to our health and can cause fires if not addressed. Hiring professionals like the ones working for chimney cleaning Virginia Beach will ensure that this place is properly taken care of.

For those who use their fireplace often, the recommended frequency of cleaning is twice every year. For occasional users, once a year will be fine. If you think you can handle the dust on the area, then doing it yourself is a good option. There are simple steps you can do on your end to reduce the build up of dirt. Here is what you can do.

One, check your fireplace. This will tell you what part needs dusting off and what part has dark spots and the like that needs professional help. This will also make sure that no animals are nesting on it. The presence of birds and squirrels living in this area of the house is nothing new. Fireplaces offer them warmth during the winter so it is a favorite hideout. Ensure that you drive them away before you start.

Measure the height and size of you chimney. Sizing is important so you will have the right measurement of rope to use in the cleaning later on. Determine if the shape of the flue is round or square. Either ways, measure it. Get the exact height as well. You can either climb on top using a ladder and measure it from there.

Third, secure the tools that you need. This includes the chimney brush, ropes, ladder, brooms, dustpan and your personal gears. Most of these materials can be found in your homes. If not, you can try borrowing from your neighbors. If you can refrain from spending, the better. You can use the money for other purpose.

Four, gear up right. The last thing you would want it to get too uncomfortable with what you are wearing that you entirely stop the cleaning process. Expect to have a lot of dust on your clothing so wear something that you would not mind getting dirty. Clothing that are lose and dark colored are some of the top options. Do not forget your protection gears as well like goggles and masks.

Fifth, remove the damper from the chimney and begin the process. You will need the ladder to climb on top and the brush attached to the rope to clean the fireplace interior. Place the damper aside to ensure that it is not distracting when you start.

There are other modes on how you can clean your fireplace. But for a start, these simple steps should be good enough. If you do not want to hassle yourself and would want a more thorough cleaning process, hiring the professionals will be your best choice.

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