Things you might not know about garage doors

Garage door is an integral part of your home. Most people don’t often realize its importance and take it for granted. However, it plays a significant role on how outsiders perceive your home. Because of its size, obviously it is one of the most noticed parts of any building. Therefore, think twice before purchasing garage doors. Here are some things that you may not know about today’s garage doors,

– A National survey reports that more than 70% of home owners have Garage doors are their main entrance end, not the front door. This could be due to the fact that garage doors occupy six times more space than that of the conventional front door entry.

– Also, National consumer survey states that 71% of users get into their homes by means of garage door openers.

– StrataMark national study shows that an upscale garage door installation can increase the value of the home by 1-4%.

– Nowadays, Garage door stores lets one choose their unique door design. Also, 92% of garage door manufacturers provide online door designers in their websites. Even if one does not want to spend money on total replacement, a new hardware can be added on or a fresh coat of painting can be done to refresh the existing garage door.

– Keep in mind that garage door is the largest moving object of your home. In Boise, garage door installation or repair if not done properly can cause serious injury or even death. Therefore, it is always recommended to hire a professional to deal with garage doors.

– The result of a National online survey shows that 71% of homeowners believe that the value of their home has increased because of replacing garage doors recently.

– Garage doors have the ability to take up more than 30% of the anterior view of a house.

– In case of any natural calamities, the destruction of the house usually starts with the garage door. Other than saving the garage, reinforcing the garage door can help to protect its contents from high winds. Or else, it can cause a serious structural damage.

Choosing the right garage door and maintaining it properly, can save more on your wallet!

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