Three Exciting Edging Options for a Small Kitchen

In any kitchen, the countertops deliver practicality while the edges take care of the style. When it comes to kitchen décor, the devil lies in the detail. One of the smallest yet significant details that go into determining the flamboyance of a kitchen is choosing the right edging options for the countertop. This is in fact the reason that most experts recommend thinking outside the box rather than curtailing your edging options to what your countertop provider can offer.

If you have a small kitchen and are determined to turn it into a true representation of finesse and elegance, find the right edges manufacturer and remember the options below.

1) Single Bevel Edges

The single bevel edge is square shaped and is cut along the top at about a 45 degree angle. The subtleness of beveled edge laminate countertop trim and the straight lines in it add a slight touch of flair to the kitchen without overwhelming other components. As a result, the kitchen acquires a mellowed down personality and creates an illusion of being wider. Single bevel edges are very affordable and there may be slight variations in cost based on the countertop material.

2) Full Bullnose Edges

The smooth finish and style of a full bullnose edge does not detract from a small kitchen. Most often, in a small kitchen the countertops are oddly shaped in order to incorporate maximum functionality into the available space. Sometimes, the small kitchen also includes hidden counter extensions that are expanded and put to use only when there is a need. The full bullnose countertop edges complement such compact kitchens well and are also a safer option for congested working spaces.

3) Double ogee countertop edge

A small kitchen does not necessarily need to be plain and boring. With a chandelier, some antique décor and copper cutlery, even a small cooking space can look extravagant. To complement a dramatic yet a small kitchen space, use double ogee countertop edges. The extra curves of the edges add to the regality of the kitchen and direct the vision towards the lower part of the kitchen. This in turn gives an illusion of a bigger kitchen space to the onlooker. While the single ogee laminate countertop edges can also do the job, the double curves add more impact to the cooking space.

Are you gearing up for a kitchen remodel project? Consider experimenting with your kitchen countertop edges and you will be surprised to witness a complete change of your kitchen. Home owners must remember that while style and elegance is important while choosing countertop edges, picking the right manufacturer ensures optimal durability and finish of the product.

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