Tile Patterns For Maximum Effect

When considering materials for a new wall or flooring project, tile is always a great option. It\’s a favorite all around the world and for good reason. Not only is it durable but there is a huge number of choices when it comes to colors, shapes, sizes, and textures. And of course there are many wonderful tile patterns you can use to get the most from your space.

Some patterns are rather basic and are fairly easy to install so they are perfect for individuals that are new to working with tile. The straight lay and the diagonal tile patterns are both rather simple patterns that can be used in large rooms. Some people like to stagger one or two colors with these patterns to give the pattern a more personalized look. Another simple yet classic pattern is called the checkerboard pattern.

In fact many homeowners choose to go with the checkerboard tile pattern in their bathroom and or kitchen. You can use black and white paint and appliances to further match this pattern and enhance it\’s vintage feel. However when using it, you should always be careful not to make the room look too busy by adding too many colors.

Another pattern which can look extremely upscale is the Versailles. It\’s a French pattern which can work to bring flair to any room or space it is used, both indoors and out. Stone or clay tiles really accentuate this pattern and let it shine to its full potential. Unlike other choices this one should be left for larger rooms or areas and it actually requires 4 different size tiles.

Many people are partial to intricate looking tile patterns. If this is you, the pinwheel and basket weave are a nice choice. They both use more than one color and create a flowing appearance. And of course they look like their name suggest, one similar to that of a spinning pinwheel and the other to the over-under weave of a basket. The herringbone tile pattern is also another intricate looking option.

When trying to find the perfect pattern for small rooms the herringbone tile pattern is the ideal option. This arrow head or V shaped pattern creates a visual illusion that the space is much larger than it actually is.The herringbone pattern is commonly used in short or narrow spaces such as hallways and other small rooms to create this effect.

By choosing the right pattern for your space you can totally transform the look of any room. This means not only added beauty but value to your home as well. With so many gorgeous options tile really makes a smart investment for any wall or floor project!

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