Tips For Selecting A Propane Company

Propane is an excellent source of home fuel. It is cleaner and less expensive than most other types of fuel that are used for electricity. If you are considering switching to propane as your fuel source or you just want to search for a new propane company, the following tips will help you select the best possible propane supplier.

In addition to paying for the propane, you also will have to pay for the tank or perhaps the rental of a tank. Even though it is a larger upfront cost, buying a tank can be a good idea. Tanks range from about $350 for a 120-gallon propane tank up to anywhere from $1800 to $2,000 for a larger tank holding 1,000 gallons. It also costs about $100-$200 for the installation of the tank, depending on what size you purchased. Some companies will give you a free tank if you pre-purchase a large amount of propane.

If buying a tank sounds like a good idea to you, be sure to only buy a tank from a company that provides both a repurchase guarantee and a 10-year warranty. Be mindful that the warranty will only include coverage of the tank itself and not the valve or supply line regulators. The repurchase agreement means that if you have to move or you decide to use another source of fuel instead of propane, your propane company will buy the tank back from you at the price you paid for it originally.

Propane is similar to gasoline and other sources of fuel in that the price goes up and down. With propane, it is most expensive during the winter, which of course is when you need this heating source the most. To avoid paying higher per gallon costs, you should consider paying for your propane in advance. You can buy all of your propane for the year at extremely low prices. If you cannot afford to pay for a large amount in advance, ask about price caps. These are programs where you pay a fee, maybe $100 per year, and you are guaranteed that your price per gallon won’t go above a certain amount, even if propane prices skyrocket.

Of course, none of this means anything if the propane you buy is of poor quality. Not all propane that is sold in the United States is the same. There are basically two categories of propane, HD5 and HD10. HD5 is the highest quality propane that you can buy in the United States, and it is definitely what you want when you are looking for a propane supplier. One way to tell whether or not you are truly getting the best possible propane is to look at the flame on your gas range. If it is a strong blue flame, then the quality of the propane is higher. A flame that is a rainbow of colors indicates that your tank is less than 90% pure propane fuel.

HD5 propane is regulated by the federal government, and other countries won’t allow us to import any other type of propane. Americans shouldn’t have to settle for less than HD5 propane, either, so make sure that your supplier uses this high quality propane. Consider getting in touch with the team at Thrifty Propane, which only sells HD5 propane and even offers a low price guarantee. You can also buy your tank from Thrifty Propane or lease to own a tank.

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