What You Should Know About Mold Removal

Waterproofing the basement is something that is worth spending time on this as it can help with mold removal. There is health dangers associated with mold and the fungi that causes the problem. It is important that this problem is dealt with and not just ignored.

Exposure to this type of fungus over a prolonged period of time can lead to number of health problems including respiratory problems. Some fungi give off substances that are toxic and in the most severe cases this can lead to neurological problems and even death.

Its a good idea to get a professional in to deal with the problem as it is something that needs to be sorted in order to prevent ill health. As a starting point it is a good idea to ensure that the basement is waterproof as this will help to keep the house free from mold.

The basic idea of waterproofing the basement is to prevent water from getting in and settling. Mold is attracted to damp environments as it creates the perfect living conditions therefore the first job that needs to be done is that the water needs to be removed, therefore the water will need to be turned off.

Another important thing to do is to check the walls for cracks. Cracks in the wall may be allowing water to seep into the basement. Repairing these cracks is really something that a professional should deal with as it can be a delicate job.

The professional that you get in will need to clean the cracks and fill them with mortar prior to applying a powerful sealant or a epoxy that is construction strength. There is a number of other jobs that will have to be done to achieve mold removal but these are really the two main jobs to do.

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