In 1997, a wireless network known as wireless fidelity was introduced to the market. For you to access the service which offers a wireless local area network (WLAN), you need to be at a hotspot, physically. By the use of a transmitter, information is sent into your device via this network which is now the wifi hotspot.

This works using a router which is the key piece of equipment in a wireless network. The router is physically connected to the internet using a cable. Router then broadcasts the high-frequency radio signal which carries data to and from the internet.

Introduction of new technology is taking place day in day out. We have to give credit where it is deserved and the introduction of these hotspots has eased the mode of communication worldwide. Communication has never been this easy, with the internet and the wireless connection, making international video calls, chatting with your loved ones, has been made possible.

Computers, some mobile phones, Ipads, game consoles and other devices can all be connected to the Wi fi. Using whichever gadget, all you need is locate a hotspot. You gain access only if the connection is free for all. In case the wireless connection is restricted to only authorized personnel, then you need to ask for a password from the administrator.

Public areas are being installed with this wireless connection in countries that are developing and those that are already developed. You will find that they have installed hotspots in their public service vehicles, trains, cafes, public places and so much more. The wireless networks made free for all to people using the above places.

Transmission of the signal has a specified range. Signals travel for a given range of distance which varies accordingly. You need to be around the specified range to access the service. In case you go out of range you lose the signal but the closer you are to the transmitter the stronger the signal.

Before it was introduced, people used internet connected by cables from point A to B. People nowadays do not have to be congested in a cyber to get internet services. This a technology where you can buy and install in your home and also in work places. It makes access to the internet quite easy and reliable.

When using this technology, its far much cheaper compared to other means of accessing the internet. Users only have to pay a constant amount of money which in most cases is charged monthly. Unlike these other services which are expensive to acquire and maintain. Education sector has been given a huge boost since the invention of Wi fi. Universities and other learning institutions have been installed with hotspots and this has made it easier and accessible for students who would like to carry out researches. The lectures can send notes, assignments and communicate to the students via emails.

Health complications are a disadvantage in the use of Wi Fi service. It may cause insomnia which is the lack of sleep due to a client being exposed to these electromagnetic signals caused by fake phones or real phones. Derailment of the brain function caused by the exposure of 4G radiation leading to reduced brain activity. There are many more health complications that are being researched.

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