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The most common term that we hear in the website hosting niche is cPanel or control panel which is a widely used web hosting control panel. As a website owner whether you want to accommodate the growing traffic needs of your website or you’re building a reseller web hosting business, using cPanel based on Linux based web hosting is the most stress-free and easy to use a tool.

cPanel is a powerful administrative tool for every web hosting or reseller hosting user as it gives you access to all the administrative tools that lets you manage your server, client accounts and business website easily. From more than a decade, cPanel has remained the top choice for system administrators and it offers a wide range of powerful features that yield a lot of benefits to its end users like system administrators and web hosting clients.

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cPanel offers a wide range of tools that represents a near unlimited number of possibilities in which users can manage their website or server and it allows users to quickly configure their account and also reseller management account, get server backups, helps in file management, account security and lot other functions.

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cPanel offers a beautiful, colourful and vibrant client-side interface that is extremely easy to navigate and it has been developed to offer support for many of the popular operating systems for web servers.

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