Drupal Can Make You Beat Mr. Zuckerberg!

If you have any plans of combating with social networking titan Mark Zuckerberg then you will have to load your arsenal with flexible web technologies. There is a saying about Mr. Zuckerberg that he goes aloof while developing something new for his project. However surprising it may sound but the truth is that this coding titan personally writes codes and makes programs despite employing hundreds of coders.

Now, you may be thinking that why you need to read the praises of your archrival when you are trying to read something for construction of your social networking portal. Technically, some years ago the Facebook founder used open source language called PHP for making his social networking venture. Now, dozens of open source web content management systems are available to make a grand site like Facebook. Amongst all, Drupal is the most trusted open source web content management system, which provides the facility of multiple user creation. You just need to download this tool from the official website of Drupal and install in your web server. Later on, you can take Drupal development services for adding required tools in your website. However, you will have to follow below given process for developing a great social networking site.

Know Your Users

Like Mr. Zuckerberg, you should know your targeted users and their mindsets. It will help you in developing user-oriented features for your website. Technically, a giant website can turn into a programming trash if that does not create a spark in its targeted users. Therefore, you must have some innovative features to incline your desired audience to switch from Facebook to your website. For this purpose, you can take the services of a credible Drupal development company. It will help you in choosing right modules and tools for your social networking website.

Load Your Site with Designated Modules

There are multiple modules available in the module directory of Drupal. You can choose your modules as per the specific requirements of your social networking website. You can choose modules like organic groups, user relationships, invite, user points, embedded media field, and heartbeat. Such modules will add all needed settings in your site. Apart from this, you can also think about adding custom modules in your website for adding special features. Therefore, you should take services of your Drupal developers.

Bring Bloggers in Your Projects

After adding the custom modules in your website, you should try to bring some bloggers in your project. In this way, you can tag them as your certified product development team and ask to interact with the fresh users to collect the data for the further development of your website. It will help you in refining your custom features before putting your site on the launching pad.

By following this process in a precise manner, you will be able to beat this coding titan in terms of social networking users. However, it took 8 years to Facebook to get in the current form so you should have patience.