How to Market Your Website For Free – Use All Free Online Marketing Methods

One of the most common question for internet marketers is how to market your website for free. There are many free methods out there. You just need to know where to find them, and how to get your content out there so that you will get traffic back to your website.

I like to first take out a notepad and draw a flowchart. I want to get as many links back to my website as possible, but I want it to flow naturally, and I want to rank well in the search engines without getting banned. My first step is usually to do my keyword research. I will search for twenty keywords that have low competition and a good number of searches every month.

My second step is generally to start writing articles with each of the keywords as the central them in each article. I then create a Squidoo lens, a Hubpage, and some online classified advertisements. With the rest of the articles, I generally submit them to article directories. I use unique content, as Google will not rank duplicate articles as high as original ones.

My third step is to ping my articles and new content, and bookmark everything. I like to use Onlywire because it is free, and easy to use. I also gather all of my RSS feeds, and submit them to RSS directories. When this process is complete, I create a new entry on my blog, and start over again using my free website marketing methods. Once you learn how to market your website for free, you can create a regular process for making money online.

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