How to Write the Best Social Media Posts

A recent survey carried out by industry experts, SEOmoz, indicated that currently the most popular form of content creation lies in social media marketing, making it hard to deny the significance of this approach. However whilst we are often somewhat bombarded with information about everything from how to time our interactions to which platforms to use, sometimes the issue of what to actually include within our updates can be overlooked. In order to make this a little clearer here are five tips for creating the best received social posts.

  • Encourage interaction. The main benefit of social media is that you have the opportunity to engage with your audience and have a much closer, more informal relationship. To ensure this happens, try to include a question at the end of your post, or at least signal the opportunity to interact in some way. For example, if you are commenting on a current news article about your subject, ask your audience what their thoughts are on this, has it ever happened to them? What would they do? This should help get conversation flowing.
  • Pick a current or popular topic to spark a reaction. If you work in the hairdressing industry for example, why not comment on a celebrity’s new style? This is likely to cause your users to leave their thoughts and interact with not just you but each other as well. To find recent or popular subjects, type your industry or even your chosen keywords into Google News.
  • Optimise. Social media marketing is fast becoming accepted as a significant part of SEO so it makes sense to optimise just as you would for any of your other content. This means adding your search terms and chosen links, especially with Google displaying more and more social content within the search engines.
  • Don’t be afraid to use humour. Naturally depending on what industry you’re in, a few light-hearted or funny posts can go down really well with your audience and help them to see you as people rather than just corporate figures. People appreciate not receiving the hard sell all the time and are more likely to visit your site more frequently, this creating a larger audience for when you do promote your services.
  • Check your spelling, punctuation and grammar! Just because you’re using a social media platform doesn’t mean you should compromise on good practice. Demonstrating to your audience that you can’t put the effort in to spell properly doesn’t send out a good message for how you plan to care for their needs in the future.

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