Retaining Employees in an SEO Company

As a supervisor it is important that you continue to negotiate with your managers a performance development plan, one which stresses what areas of development are expected in every employee. You must also offer core management skills to your managers.

Core management skills teach them:

  1. To set goals
  2. To create performance management routines
  3. To provide feedback to employees and receive feedback
  4. To recognize the value that each employee has to offer
  5. To coach employees in their performance
  6. To handle complaints and any problems employees might have
  7. To create a working environment which is motivating for employees
  8. To have discussions with employees about career development
  9. To provide regular meetings for coaching and for feedback wherein management styles can be improved
  10. To hold events such as project debriefs or products training which function as a learning event
  11. To provide funding for continued learning of managers
  12. To ensure every manager understands how their management or leadership style has been perceived

When you are in a position of leadership you must continue to award and encourage your employees in order to ensure a great working environment. Of course, the motivation for working hard may differ among everyone but everyone still works in order to get something which they need: MONEY

First and foremost, work is about the money. Yes, there are people who enjoy working and you get personal satisfaction from it. Still others enjoy feeling as though they have made a contribution to the world, made it a better place. Some people may set personal goals and enjoy achieving them daily or they love the clients that they serve. Motivation for work is individual and very divorce.

But before you get to those reasons you must understand that everyone works for the money. They may work for their salary or for their bonuses or for their benefits. In any case, it is the money which provides for them and their family. As a result, fair compensation and benefits are one of the key components to successful companies, recruitment, and retention.

The next most important issue is feeling appreciated and valued. Employees are more motivated to work when they are recognized for their contribution and rewarded. When employees have control over their work they are more motivated. This can include contributing to SEO company decision making, setting goals, having a clearly defined task, and receiving recognition once their task is accomplished. There should also be an opportunity for growth and development for employees wherein they can complete cross training, education and training, new career paths, or team participation within the workplace. Leadership is a key component to motivating employees, as having clearly defined expectations can offer better goal setting, achievements, and feedback.