Running Out Of Ideas? How To Write Exciting Blog Posts – Inspiration To Save Your Perspiration

OK, so it seemed like a great idea to start a blog…at first. The weeks went by and the blog looked great! Then it dawned upon me I’d used up all my ideas and run out of creative steam for developing new blog posts without going wildly off topic! Has this ever happened to you?

I decided to brainstorm some invigorating inspiration to keep my creative juices flowing so I have years of exciting blog posts within me, no longer a rather dry well of staleness! How can I write continually inspired material for my blog?

Well, here are some ideas I have put together and feel free to refer back to this list time and again to keep your own blog growing. It might be a good time now to consider an exit strategy for yourself so you aim to sell your blog within the next six months. Then your hard work will not go to waste, someone will be glad to buy a mature blog, you’ll make a profit and best of all, you’ll be able to take all your blogging experience and apply it to a new topic which you find interesting now.

Never feel a blog is for life: it’s not a dog! Sure, you do need to take your blog for daily walkies, but unlike a dog, you need feel no guilt by putting it up for sale – keep the break unemotional by planning ahead for your latest new blog! You can sell blogs at performancing, flippa, sitepoint and digitalpoint – just look in the search engines for these, check them out and get some ideas for selling your blog at some point in the future.

A blog is a valuable piece of virtual real estate. Someone will pay good money for your blog! Why? Because buying a blog cuts out the hard work of setting one up and getting it to a state of relative maturity. So plan ahead and see how much saleable value you can apply to your blog – page rank is a huge benefit, along with a low Alexa ranking, lots of returning visitors, conversations taking place in the comments, a community feel, profitable advertising, a brand, great content, good respected reputation, keyword domination and a subscriber list. All these features will serve to put your blog in demand!

Meanwhile, you just want to keep posting quality keyword related content! But bear the sale in mind for the future.

If you post every day, say six days out of seven, it gives your blog a feel of momentum and newsiness that a blog with two posts a week lacks. Google loves new content, and so do readers! If your headlines are catchy, your posts rouse curiosity and are a little bit controversial, and you strike up some buzz in the comments then people will want to return often to see what is going on!

Keep in touch with your subscriber list and link to your new blog posts, say three times a week. Try adding a free download to one of your blog posts every week. I find this brings an immediate swarm of traffic since I can send out an email and also tweet all day long about it on Twitter! Sunday free give away!

Here are some tips to get you writing – once you start on one another idea will occur to you and the creative process will get underway again. If you are having a phase of not enjoying writing at all, then invite some other bloggers to post for you until you feel creative again. Six bloggers might agree to post one day a week for you. Most will do this in exchange for a link to their blog.

Tell a story. Do you remember how avidly you listened to, and later read, stories as a child? Your imagination liked to run riot, and stories helped to form your impressions of the world, as well as act as a springboard to your imagination. Story themes formed the base of your dreams back then, too. Did you like scary stories best or fables? Perhaps you preferred tales of travel and adventure or a good romantic fairytale which ended happily ever after (why did our parents feed us that?)! So write and tell a story.

Give your readers an impulsive reason to optin to your email subscribers’ list. Offer a valuable free report or audio series, an mp3 interview, some templates, some software, a big discount on your products – whatever you like, but make it exciting, make it snappy (next 36 hours only!) and make an article out of it.

Please your readers by doing a series of images for a few days: twelve incredible cute animal photos or whatever you want to liven up your site! If you or a colleague are a dab with Photoshop you can turn any of your holiday snaps into something surreal. Be sure to digg and stumble these because those bookmarking sites love images! You may find you get some real traffic boost from this.

Interview someone well known in your niche, or failing that, and just as good, interview an average Joe in the niche: anyone looking to make money in your niche will find this type of interview valuable market research – better still, perform a survey amongst your subscribers and get them to tell you what their problems are and what they want to buy to solve these problems! Awesome material!

Create a bio of a famous marketer or leader in your field of interest and discuss their achievements, quotes, and books they have written, or other work they have produced. You might even make their acquaintance as a result! Nice work if you can get it (and you can get it if you try)!

Do a top ten or top twenty list of renowned blogs and bloggers and ask them to write a paragraph about themselves, their blog, their dreams for the future. These posts create a stir and bring in a lot of interested readers, as well as getting you some valid backlinks.

Clear the air and have a good rant about someone or something. Your readers and subscribers will be pleased to discover you are a HUMAN blogger! You will get some spicy comments – be unafraid to approve them all, albeit mildly edited if necessary. Create a buzz!

Product reviews can be seen as rather self serving, so review a book instead. Obviously it helps if it is one you have read recently! It makes you look polished and intellectual, and will probably give you a host of cool related writing ideas for later.

Lists are ever popular – how many “Essential WordPress Plugins” posts have you ever seen? Be a little more imaginative, but no reason why you shouldn’t have a top ten type of list every week.

Joint venture with another blogger to write a critique of each other’s blogs – and swap!

Make some wild predictions and add some graphics to cause a stir! The farther out, the better!

Compare one popular product with another or write a Google versus Facebook type of post. Digg versus StumbleUpon, or two autoresponders, or compare web hosts.

Create a good old “How To” where you demonstrate your solutions to some time honoured problems. Do a video discussing these tips and embed the video on your blog. Have a link to your blog within your video and it may go viral and bring a ton of new traffic to see what you are all about!

Sometimes I forget keywords and just write a post about something I have done or read lately. Or a bunch or awesome quotes that inspire me. Inspiration is to the spirit as water is to the thirsty!

Failing all the above have a look at other blogs and get some ideas from them: you are bound to read something you could disagree with, or expand upon.

And failing even that (who doesn’t deserve a really lazy day once a week) – just go to EzineArticles and publish one of their excellent articles on your blog! Sorted!

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