Three secrets to successfully selling your services online

A lot of SMME owners and freelancers want to get in on the idea of selling their products and services online. Not only is this an excellent way to increase your cash-flow, but if done correctly it gives your clients a better ordering experience.

Read the secrets below to see how you can easily sell your products and services online:

Have an online presence without the expensive website

So you think you need to spend money to make money. This is true in a way, but when it comes to SMME’s who want to sell their products and services online you don’t need to spend big bucks to get what you want.

This is where services that provide ready hosted online shopping capabilities comes in. There are many online services out there that allow you to sell your services without it costing you an arm and a leg. Shop around for software or systems that offer ready hosted signup forms and don’t require you to have your own website.

Save time & money with automation

A service like this will allow even the small business owner to start selling his products and services online. And if you have the right software most of the manual processes you do now can be automated. This could mean a web based signup form that issues customers an invoice automatically when they order a product or service. Great for saving on the costs of employing a lot of administration and accounts personel.

Help your clients pay your business

Selling your products and services on the web goes hand in hand with the ability for your customers to make payments online for the services they need. There are many payment channels out there, most of which supply quality services that allow customers to pay for service and product orders securely and instantly online. Supplying your customers with the basic ability to make payment via immediate credit card transaction is a necessity and you can add to their payment arsenal by also allowing payment via wire transfer or debit order from bank accounts.

The benefits of using an online payment facilitator or online billing system is clear. It will allow more clients to join and make payment for your products and services. It will allow you to automate recurring or subscription billing and it will allow you to increase your online presence with very little capital investment. Your business only stands to benefit from the use of such a ready hosted service. So get going and start selling online!

Dave is a well known business coach and author. He recommends the use of an online billing system with recurring and subscription billing capabilities for a cheap cost effective online presence.