Wag The Dog Marketing Defamation Internet Repair

Wag the Dog Marketing Defamation Internet Repair

Seeing that you are under libellous attack, it’s highly likely you are being attacked by a sociopath or a psychopath. Individuals with this mental condition have no heart, conscience or remorse. They lie, cheat and steal from you and broadcast to everyone else that you are the liar, cheater and thief.

Bright people usually have trouble comprehending what’s going on in the sociopathic mind. Simply put, people with this disorder have no feelings of guilt or regret. The target of a sociopaths is not perceived as a person to them. You are, a target and they will do whatever it takes to win, if not stopped.

Wag the Dog Marketing Powerful Defamation Internet Repair

According to Robert Hare, PhD. thought and emotional information in the sociopath mind is scattered all over both brain hemispheres making it take too long for their brains to retrieve and process information, therefore the entire process of socialization becomes so ponderous that it ultimately fails.

All-encompassing research has shown anywhere from 1% to 4% of civilization are in fact psycho., or sociopathic. Our research also indicates they attract one another online on various libellous blogs. We’ve also discovered it is far better to confront them, then not, however dangerous either way.

Wag the Dog Marketing Defamation Internet Repair

We hope to help you rest easier with this article because now you know why some crazed lunatics, that you most likely never did business with, or some ex-lover, employee, etc. are endlessly defaming you or your brand with their libel and slander. Thank goodness, there are a couple solutions.

The number One choice today is Internet reputation repair done by Wag the Dog Marketing. We will draft what will turn into hundreds of articles that get submitted to thousands of directories filling up your name search results with good content, not some psychopaths libel.

We can take it a step further and recommend you to the experts we use to forensically investigate the people so you can track them down and have authorities take care of them from there. Either way, using our service WILL save what could be years of a destroyed Internet reputation which can ruin your life completely.

Grab your Free defamation Internet analysis by calling (800) 825-9500 now, then visit Sarah Southerland’s site to choose the best defamation Internet repair package for your needs.