Divorce In Arizona Database

People search for divorce records for a variety of reasons. Some do it as a requirement for settling child custody issues or when applying for remarriage. Divorce records may also be needed for an ongoing legal case, for completing a genealogy project, or when performing a background check. No matter what the reason is, though, it is now possible to obtain a copy of any public record. The fact that each state has its own law regarding the matter should not cause worry, as these are usually simple and easy to understand. All that you need to do is follow the proper procedures, and things will run smoothly. In the case of Arizona divorce records, the Clerk of Superior Court and the Office of Vital Records are the agencies tasked with keeping them.

Back in 1863, Arizona’s divorce dossiers were kept in Territorial Legislature’s records. In the 1870s, the district courts started keeping the files, too. Eventually, the superior courts were handed the records, and that is where they are kept today. Although the Office of Vital Records is also designated as a keeper of the state’s important public records, like States Divorce Records, it is not obligated to give copies to the public. The county courthouse of the state where the divorce was granted is the right office to go to, if you want a copy of the dossier.

Before you can get the records you need, there are certain procedures to follow. First things first, though; you need to specify in which county the divorce was granted. Arizona has 15 counties, so you’ll waste a lot of time if you go through each county trying to find the records. You’ll also burn your pockets if you do this as each record request is worth $27.

In making the request, you need to specify your purpose as this is the only way for authorities to determine if you are qualified to receive a certified copy or not. Of course, you also have to write down the details of the record you are looking for. Be sure that you know the complete name of the bride and groom. You can send your request by mail, though you’ll need to pay an extra $7 as handling and processing fee. If you want to avoid the extra fee, however, you can choose to submit your request through phone or fax. Payments are to be made via check, credit or debit card, or through money orders. Additionally, you should be ready to wait for at least 14 business days before your request is processed.

If you do not want to waste your time waiting, your best option is to work with independent online record searchers. These record providers are all over the Internet, ready to give you what you need, when you need it. As soon as you register in their website, you will be able to immediately access the Arizona divorce records you need. You will have two scenarios to choose from: you can either choose the free-to-search scenario, or the one-time minimal payment scenario. Majority of those who need to access public records go for the paid option as they get unlimited access to the records database for a very minimal amount, and the payment is one-time only.

Finding the States Divorce Records you need is now simpler with the help of independent online record providers. In addition to getting unlimited access to their database, you will also get what you need in a matter of minutes – not days. Once your request is received, the provider will search for the record you need. It’s the most efficient, most convenient, and most practical public record search option.

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