How a Domestic Violence Attorney in Denver Can Help You

Domestic violence cases in Denver are usually very sensitive involving a great degree of emotion. As a result of increased public and media attention and minimum mandatory sentencing, domestic violence cases need to be handled very carefully by an experienced domestic violence attorney in Denver, CO. If you have been charged with domestic violence in Colorado, you should not take the arrest lightly. Even if the situation involved only a minor dispute, your case could soon result in serious consequences if it is not treated properly.

Before you plead guilty to a domestic violence or any related crime, you must fully understand the wide-sweeping impact that this type of conviction may have on the rest of your life. A conviction in such a case can result in serious penalties, including probation, jail time, monetary fines, and court-ordered counseling. Apart from your reputation and well-being, a conviction can also impact: employment opportunities, professional licenses, rights to carrying and owning firearms, hunting and fishing license restrictions, and more! With such serious consequences, you should definitely avoid taking matters into your own hands and going into the court without a qualified Denver domestic violence attorney.

In many situations, such arrests can lead to you being charged with additional criminal charges in the form of protection order violations. You need a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney in Denver who will examine your situation from all possible angles. If you work with the prosecutor on your own or try to plead guilty – you could end up with a “deal” that does you more harm than good.

In Denver, the person who is considered the victim cannot simply decide to drop the charges. This power is vested with only a district attorney who may decide not to press charges. Therefore, even if the supposed victim has falsely accused in the heat of the moment, he/she cannot possibly withdraw the case and you will be in grave trouble! Domestic violence against a person can include spousal abuse, stalking, homicide committed in the course of familial dispute, or other violent crimes. According to Colorado Statutes, a case registered can involve an act or the threat of an act of harm or abuse upon someone with whom you are involved in an intimate relationship. Destruction of property or cruelty against an animal in an effort to punish, control, intimidate or get revenge upon another person also falls under the domestic category of crimes.

It is the job of a domestic violence attorney in Denver to put the facts of your situation into context, and to challenge the facts whenever possible and appropriate. The prosecutors, police, judges and juries often look at a case from the perspective of a victim, and this is not always fair. You may also wish to contact a lawyer to discuss getting your charges reduced or dropped in order to help you save your marriage, work things out with your loved ones, and keep your family intact.

Once penalties in such cases are in place, they can prove to be the final block that leads to a permanent separation. In addition, penalties for a conviction include an order for up to 36 weeks of treatment at your expense, jail time, and a permanent criminal record and tainted reputation. Domestic violence cases are unique and, unlike most cases, people accused of being involved in such cases have very little say about the charges filed once the police become involved. Only a qualified and experienced Denver domestic violence attorney can help you out of such cases!

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