Legal Nurse Consultant – An Indispensible Tool in Medical Malpractice Litigation

Legal nurse consultants are an invaluable tool for any firm. With their knowledge and experience, they bridge the gap between legal and medical entities in medical claims and cases. Certified legal nurse consultants are typically hired by lawyers to review medical records and acquaint themselves with medical terms for court cases. Here’s what you need to know:

Who is a Legal Nurse Consultant?

A certified legal nurse consultant is someone who helps attorneys in dealing with complex medical issues. They educate attorneys on the different types of medical issues, from standards of care to administrative practices. Legal nurse consultants also work with financial institutions, insurance companies and structured settlement companies as well.

What they Do?

One of the most important responsibilities of a legal nurse consultant is to evaluate medical records and create cohesive, concise reports that help to easily identify any flaws or deviations in the standards of care. This will be helpful for attorneys, as they get to simply read, understand and execute them appropriately.

Another advantage of a certified legal nurse consultant is their ability to easily point out breaches in the standards of care, in a medical malpractice case. This way, attorneys can recognize strong cases and drive away weaker ones.

Legal nurse consultants will also identify causation issues and analyze the extent of dames or injuries. Additionally, they help with deposition and trial preparation including expert witness support and reviewing of opposing witness materials.

Major Reasons Why You Should Hire a Legal Nurse Consultant

Here are some of the reasons why you must hire a certified legal nurse consultant:

1. Experience: Certified legal nurse consultants will have a strong background of clinical experience that includes review and interpretation of documents, medical records and medical-legal issues.

2. Knowledge: Legal nurse consultants will have a deeper understanding of medical issues and methodologies associated with the litigation process. The legal nurse consultant can modify a case for an attorney and jury as well.

3. Resourcefulness: Certified legal nurse consultants will have a network of reliable contacts, and medical & professional resources one can rely upon.

4. Cost Effectiveness: A certified legal nurse consultant will harness their knowledge on healthcare alongside their nursing background to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of any case.

Are you looking for a certified legal nurse consultant? Someone with a solid clinical experience and a background in legal nurse consulting will be a great fit for your organization.

The author is a certified legal nurse consultant with an experience of more than 5 years. He explains the reasons why a certified legal nurse consultant has to be appointed by a firm. Visit