Top Ten Dos and Don’ts to Remember When You’re Stuck in a Criminal Case

If you are stuck in an unfortunate situation where you need assistance in a criminal case, you must remember certain things that will help in your future. Hiring a good lawyer and saying and doing the right things can make the difference between your freedom and jail. Thus, it is extremely important to be well-aware of your rights and responsibilities when stuck in a criminal case. We bring you the ten dos and don’ts, in order to save yourself from the criminal case.


1. If you are questioned by legal authorities, you must be polite and respectful and only give basic information like your name, address and telephone number.

2. If you are meeting with a lawyer for the first time, ask all the important questions to determine the ability of the lawyer. Ask about their education, experience and background and ensure that they have successfully solved cases similar to yours in the past.

3. Hire experienced criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. The earlier you have the right lawyer, the easier it is for them to build a strong case in your defense.

4. Do share all the truthful information about the case with your attorney. No one likes to be surprised in court, especially not your attorney. As they will be representing you and working towards your freedom, it is your duty to share all correct information with them.

5. Do give all your latest contact information to your attorney so that they can contact you at any time. If you have a new address or number, update your attorney immediately.


1. Don’t speak to the authorities without the presence of your criminal defense attorney. Though you might be tempted to defend yourself immediately, remember that anything you say can be used against you in court.

2. Don’t post any details about the case on social media websites. These are public platforms and any information you share here can be used against you in a court of law.

3. Don’t discuss legal matters over the phone or with other inmates if you are in jail. This information sharing can get you in major trouble.

4. Don’t discuss your case with family and friends. Their curiosity might compel you to share some information but it can hamper your case if they are called to testify in court.

5. Don’t hesitate to share documents regarding your case with your attorney. You can never determine what information might be useful to your lawyer.

If you need assistance in a criminal case, it is best to hire an experienced and solution-oriented attorney who can help you come out of your unfortunate situation.

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