Facebook For Business

The year 2004 marks the creation of the social networking service known as Facebook. It’s creaters are Mark Zukerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moscovitz and Chris Hughes. Facebook was initially a platform for Harvard students to communicate with each other, later it opened up to other colleges in Boston, and then to high schools, and eventually to anyone over the age of 13.
In the May of 2012 Facebook went public on The NASDAQ, and currently has over a billion users worldwide. Last year Facebook generated 5.1 Billion dollars in revenue and achieved position 462 in the list of Fortune 500 companies
Facebook users are required to create a personal profile and add other users as “friends”, to exchange messages with them. Users also get notified when their friends update their profile, add a new picture etc.
To use Facebook for business, you need a Facebook page. A Facebook page (also known as a Fan Page) is used by businesses, non-profits, celebrities, and any other public figure. With a Page you get “fans” not “friends”! To effectively use Facebook for business, you should join other groups and individuals with common interests. It is possible to use Facebook as a marketing platform, and make huge sums of money. Once you establish a niche, connect with people with the same interest, and provide value to them, you can eventually present them with your business ideas and sell stuff, or recruit them into your MLM company.

It is an absolute neccesity to read and obey all the guidelines and rules associated with Facebook, or face being penalized by the system. For example you can’t email everyone, all the time, if you do you will be unable to email anyone for some time. If you send too many friend requests or spam other groups also you can get in trouble with Facebook. They have very harsh advertising rules as well, but you don’t need to advertise if you just spend some time interacting with the right people, and approach them properly.

Having said that, and I know you don’t want to get your business activity limited or shut down, I encourage you to get someorientation. I am always interested in learning more, specially in the areas that I am not familiar with, and I recommend some instruction on how to effectively use Facebook for business, before you attempt in doing so. You should try to avoid the kind of mistakes that can affect your money-making activities. Specially if the instruction is offered by some experts and it is offered for free. Do you think you could benefit from such orientation?

There are several successful marketers who use Facebook for business and generate huge sums of money. One such person is Michelle Pescosolido, also known as the queen of Facebook, who on the average makes $60K per month using Facebook strictly.
Michele offers some free orientation in the form of videos, about how to use Facebook for business. I highly recommend using this instruction before you set out on your venture. It is always a good idea to learn from the experts, the proper use of the tools that can help you achieve prosperity in your business. Michelle has some very important points to discuss and has many invaluable tips on how to set up a Facebook Page that can earn you money.

To learn more about how to use Facebook for business, you can watch this free instruction provided by Michelle Pescosolido, by clicking here.