Important Factors that Drives Your Customer Away from Your Website

It is a well-known fact that a website can break or make a business! But, today the major challenge is, many management teams are unsure of exactly how to evaluate the success of a site. In some cases, even if your website has helped you with your business at every step, there must be several reasons behind the downfall of the website. If you are not up to the required technological and advancement, then even an immense advancement also makes your website dead. Here is a whittled list of factors by the web design experts, which are proved to be the ways of driving your customers away from your website.

Pop-up Advertisement

Pop-up advertisements have become serious issues in many websites these days. Closing advertisements that pop-up one after other is the most irritating task for a website viewer. These pop-ups not only include ads but also keep bugging you to subscribe to their newsletter resulting in span email. So, it is necessary for a website admin to protect his owned website from these uncontrollable advertisements.

Server Breakdown

Many websites keep on crashing time to time under heavy load and annoys visitors by showing up its constant “The webpage cannot be loaded” message. If you do not want to lose your valuable visitor, then you should carry out regular website maintenance and avoid regular breakdowns.

Website Layouts

Website admin who gives time to manage and make their website look good tend to gain more traffic and sales. This is because customers do not wish to visit an ugly looking website even if the content is noteworthy. Website layout of 90s can lower traffic and reduces the number of readers. Making your website modern and adjusting contrast helps you to overcome this issue and lure more visitors to your website.

Page Speed

Adding numerous images and elements to your website impacts loading time and drives away visitors from it. This is a very common problem in modern websites and customers find a great deal of time wasted on slow page loading. Uploading website elements in compressed form and managing websites speeds up the loading time.

Un-responsive Design

With the tremendous increase in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s very clear to make your website responsive. Without a responsive design, your user will not want to visit the site again. Managing the responsiveness of your website can have a great impact in its outcome.

Other factors to consider includes, poor content, irregular updating, not having pictures, viruses, bad links, and more. To know more, contact your digital marketing agency in Kansas City today!

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