James Malinchak’s Motivation With No Action Is Only A Wish

One of the myths that you and I have been made to believe about what it takes to get wealthy is dispelled by one of my secret millionaire strategies. It’s MDPYM, which means Motivation Doesn’t Pay Your Mortgage. You see, people think that all it takes is motivation, and they think “if I am just motivated, that’s all it takes and I’ll create wealth.” Well, frankly that belief is not true.

While I believe motivation is essential, and you should subscribe to the fact motivation is a component of wealth creation, it is not all you need. You could be as motivated as you would like, but if you don’t have:

* the right skill set,

* the right know how to apply that skill set,

* the right know how to get properly and highly paid for the work that you are doing,

then, it doesn’t matter much you are motivated.

I can be as motivated as I want to try and run out of this room by running through a wall. Do you know what is going to happen? I am probably going to get a headache because it doesn’t matter how motivated I am to run through a wall if it has a brick wall, a concrete wall. I won’t get through it. If I get the right skill set, learn to develop a path, turn and go down a hallway and go out the door the right way, and get out, it’s because I designed the right skill and blueprint. It’s not about being motivated and trying to do it the hard way. It’s not about working harder; it is not about working smarter – it is about working right.

The first valuable factor is about attitude, and why attitude is so powerful for your success as an individual, as an organization, personally or professionally or financially. Attitude is a choice. I know you have heard it. I have that statement, and we know it. However, we do not always do what we know. You see, your attitude about yourself will determine your attitude about life. How you choose to see yourself is how you will see life. How you choose to see yourself is how you will see your job. How you choose to see yourself is how you will see people with whom you work and people with whom you will accept work. How you choose to see yourself is how you will see other people and hear me, how you choose to see yourself is how other people will see you.

If you decide to tune in to the wrong station about yourself when you’re blessed to wake each morning, don’t expect to hear the right music. Here’s the great thing about attitude. If you’ve got a little static on that station one day, you don’t have to make a big change. You just fine tune the station on the dial. That’s all you need to do. You’ll wake up one day not having changed one thing on the dial, yet you’ll need a fine tune adjustment. Make the adjustment and fine tune your attitude the same way!

I learned that a long time ago reading all these success books. All you have to do is to turn that dial a little bit, just adjust that dial a little bit, and you can get off the static and on the station that plays a sweet sounding music you want to hear. There is no magic formula. It is just a choice of what station you are choosing to tune into every single day about yourself. Here is the greatest thing of all. Every day when you and I are to wake up in the morning, our attitude is a choice.

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