Reduce The Stress Of Planning A Large Party

We’ve all been to events that were huge successes and probably to a few large parties that didn\’t seem to go very well. If you are planning a large party, either a company party or perhaps some type of festive occasion, you probably are hoping that it will be a great success but worried about disaster. It\’s not hard to plan a big party, but it does require some organization, hard work and bit of creativity.

The minute you decide to host the party or are assigned the party planning task, it is time to spring into action. After all, the earlier you start to plan, the easier it will be to handle all of the details. If you have several months to organize and prepare, that is ideal. Be sure to send out a notice for everyone to save the date for your event, and then you can provide a formal invitation with more details as the event draws closer.

Of course, this means that you do have to select and book the venue as soon as possible. Choosing an amazing venue actually can make planning an event much easier and if you select a spot that already looks fantastic, you won\’t have to devote as much time and energy to the decorations. If you are shopping for party venues in Manhattan, Home Studios, Inc. offers two amazing lofts that are ideal as corporate event venues, product launch venues, fashion show venues, private party venues and even for weddings, bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs.

The first loft can accommodate up to 175 people for a standing event and features a huge main loft area with 14-foot ceilings, exposed brick and maple floors. This loft also features two large kitchens with plenty of space for your catering team. The second loft is slightly smaller, but still can host 100 to 120 guests easily and has features such as 13-foot-ceilings and rolling barn doors that open onto the fully equipped prep kitchen. Both lofts can be accessed by both freight and passenger elevators and, of course, each is equipped with wireless internet for the convenience of you and your guests.

After booking the venue, sit down and create a huge to-do list. This will include every detail, small and large, that needs to be accomplished for the party. If possible, create a party planning team and delegate tasks to others. You can write down the task, who needs to complete the task and by when on your big list. Keep the list in a handy place with all of your other party-related contracts and receipts. If you do have a team of individuals helping you, consider a weekly meeting to discuss ideas and talk about what is left to do.

Planning a party is a time commitment, but it also can be a lot of fun and if you choose a party theme, this truly can make the event easier to plan. There are dozens of themes to consider, from a holiday theme to an international theme or even a movie or book theme party. A theme party can help you plan out decorations, entertainment and even the food and music at the event, so consider throwing around ideas with your party team.

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