The summer holidays are just around the corner and you are pressed for time, and therefore left with no plan and destination to bring some joy in your kids. Being the a loving parent does not mean you simply allow your kids to spend the summer cooped up at home. Everyone knows that too much television could be bad for the brain cells, so avoid dumb down your children and get out into the wild.

Water activities will surely bring your family and friends closer to one another. Try the canoe harpeth river experience and you will definitely not regret visiting this site. Water sports such as riding a canoe and kayak are one main attraction.

Imagine yourself trekking down a lush forest filled with all kinds of woodland animals, and up ahead you can see a picturesque view of vast trees and a river the snakes itself into the horizon. Below there is a deck and a few houses near a coastline, and this is where you can find boats to rent. Excited you continue down on your journey so you can rent out a canoe or kayak to start your river voyage.

Dinghy has been around for thousands of years all thanks to the ingenuity of native tribes. This boat originated from the word kenu which means dugout, and these seafaring boats were made from a huge tree trunks hollowed and shaped and solidly built to traverse islands. The Dingy is designed using lightweight barks of birch, elm, or cedar trees.

Though the design differs between the two. It is obvious that a kayak is meant for only one rider. It can traverse rushing wild waters, and only uses a double sided paddle. It can only carry a few passengers and goods.

But if you prefer speed and action over rushing waters. The kind of person who enjoys risking their life and limb just to taste the thrill of getting killed, but still cheat death at the same time. Then this is for you, but with the appropriate gear to keep you safe from receiving concussions as it travels through shallow waters.

Most canoes can hold up 12 people with a cargo of 2400 kilograms. With this fascinating and historical background of the canoe, can you imagine riding on the same kind that the early natives used in the past. An opportunity that you should never pass up if you are also interested in history too.

Originated from kenu that means dugout. The canoe often has an open deck uncovering the inside of a dinghy while kayak usually encloses the rider. The difference between the two is that the kayak is very fast offering more coverage and lessening time for travel.

The beginning of canoeing as a means of recreation were introduced by a small group of gents who paddle through the wilderness and back into civilization. These same people who pioneered canoeing as a recreational activity that lasted until the present. With that bit out of the way it is easier to plan out your upcoming trip. There are many things you can do on your trip aside from its sporty aspect, but also of its cultural and historic significance that links the past with the present.

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