A canoe is a slim open boat that moves over the water with the help of paddles. They are mainly used for transportation and tourism purposes along rivers and lakes. Various companies have come up to offer services involving activities. Foggy Bottom Canoe offers excellent canoeing services to the customers mainly along the Harpeth River. It has very qualified drivers. The canoes used are of high quality and meets the required standard.

There are different canoeing activities. Most people like the flat water recreation whereby one just paddles gently down a calm river. Sailing is an activity in which it is fitted with a sail. Sprint racing is an activity in which people compete a cross a calm water. In marathon racing, a lengthy distance like down the river.

During canoeing a lot of body exercise is done and therefore one is much less likely to suffer from the cardiovascular diseases. This is because it involves stressing of the muscles during paddling. The legs too become very strong because are used to gentle pressing on the canoe. Since the procedure is less vigorous someone is less whacked especially on the joints. It helps one break the monotony of other means of transports such as the road transports.

Before commencing, it is advisable to consider taking some lessons so as to gain some few skills. These lessons are offered by a good number of clubs especially those located near the water bodies. Many things related to the water bodies are studied. Issues concerning safety are also taught. These help one to know what to do in case of an accident. One is introduced on how to perform simple first aid procedure.

It is very important for all the beginners to have some swimming skills because during the course anything can happen and may require the application of the swimming skills. It can be very dangerous if an accident occurs and one is a poor swimmer. This indeed shows the importance of the swimming technique.

Before deciding to commence the process makes sure that you like it. This can be tested by accompanying an experienced person and try to paddle to confirm whether you like it. Liking just through the observation alone is not enough; one needs to test and confirm whether the hands are strong enough to paddle.

There is various equipment that is required during the process of paddling. You should ensure that you have items like, canoe, the helmet, a nice paddle, life jacket, and the appropriate clothing. Also, ensure you take with you the following items during the activity, clean water to drink, first aid kit, energy food, a waterproof bag containing dry clothes repair kit, and a phone in a waterproof bag.

Always observe precautions during the activity. Learn paddling from the experienced individuals. The procedure on how to use the first aid kit should be in your fingertips. Before commencing make sure that the preparation is enough. Ensure that you wear a life jacket before commencing the process. The weather conditions should be considered carefully before starting the canoeing activity. Carry the equipment that is in good repair. Also keep drinking the fresh water to avoid dehydration.

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