Before anything else, you cannot make your own without all the materials needed. You should gather them, then you should know what you to do. Keep your list with you especially if you have not done this before. This is fun and it will not take time to do it. Most people choose to do them in their own. So they could do whatever they want and put any designs that are pleasing to their eyes.

This will give you a chance to sell them once you are very good. Especially if you have some friends who are into these games. They may want to own one or some people are making them as their collection. You could make this as your hobby. You learn, enjoyed playing, and will give you a chance to earn in making cornhole boards.

If you decide to do make one on your own, only use durable materials. It can be expensive, but worth it. And it would be the fruits of your labor. So you use it many times and keep them when you do not want to play anymore. And let your kids use them if they like.

Tossing Tips. Spin the bag in an upright position. Since this is more controllable during windy conditions. Some players have different style when they toss the bag to the wall. But whatever will work for you, just do it. It can take time, but you need to be patient.

Hard Surface. You are advise to play them in hard surface. Since the soft surface will creates less bounce. One solution they give is to use a towel and fold them. The purpose for this is to let the boards stay in its place. And they will not move. Make sure that they stay on the same position so it will be easy for you to shoot the hole.

Level. Your goal is to slide them to the hole fast. What you need to do is tilt the board to the right or to the left. And you have to direct the bag according to its desired position. Keep in mind that you position the boards according to the way you like it. What matters most is you follow the tilted position.

Distance. For beginners, you are required to put them 24 feet apart. And for the experienced players they place them at 27 feet away from them. But if you cannot get it even though you already put them at the distance you required. You will have the options to put them closer to you until you get it right. Then change the distance once you learn. Always practice and improve everyday.

Excessive Bag Slide. There are times, that you get frustrated especially during summer. The bags tend to dry and is hard to hit the hole. What you should do is to put them close together. Or you have another options and that is to sprinkle some water into the bags. It it good to play if they are wet. It is easy for them to stick in the board.

Just follow these tips above, then you will become a pro player very soon. It takes time but if you keep on practicing them, you will learn. Be patient and never up and enjoy the game. You could play with your friends or with anyone.

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