Best tactical rifle at the best price, Rock River Arms Tactical Rifle AR-15 BB2522 Operator 2

All Operator 2 rifles feature flat-top receivers and 16-inch chrome moly 1:9″ twist barrels with 5.56 NATO chambers, tipped with the RRA Tactical Muzzle Brake. I purchased the Rock River Arms AR-15 AR15 Model BB2522 Rock River Arms Operator 2. I found the BB2522 Operator was the most unusual-looking member of the group with its gas system and a unique Free Float hand guard.

Listed here are the specific features as shipped through my online dealer.

Manufacturer Rock River Arms
Model: Operator 2 Series
Type: direct-impingement AR semi auto
Capacity: accepts AR-15 magazines of any capacity
Caliber: 5.56 NATO chamber
Barrel length: 16-inches chrome moly, 1:9″ twist
Overall length: 37 inches
Weight: 7.2 pounds (Entry and Tactical), 8.0 pounds ()
Hand guard: Half-Quad aluminum free float (BB2522)
Stock: RRA Operator CAR compartment stock, ERGO Sure Grip pistol grip
Sights: post front; wind age-adjustable rear aperture
Trigger: RRA National Match, 4 pounds pull
Sale Price: $1,000.00 , Retail $1,515.00

Accuracy Results – Rock River Arms Tactical Rifle AR-15 BB2522 Operator 2

Load Muzzle Velocity (fps) Standard Deviation (fps) Group Size (in.)
Black Hills 55-gr. SP 2,910 12 0.99
Black Hills 60-gr. V-Max 2,880 16 0.87
American Eagle 55-gr. FMJ 2,810 24 1.05
Black Hills Match King 69-gr. HP 2,780 21 1.03
Hornady 55-gr. V-Max 2,935 13 1.11
Black Hills 52-gr. HP 3,042 18 1.12

Rock River Arms Tactical Rifle AR-15 BB2522 Operator 2 has a list price of 1515.00.